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Repair or Replacement of Boxes, Corner Caps, Roofs, Lift Gates, Panels, Cargo & Roll-Up Doors, and more!

                              Damaged Box Truck? Bring it to the experts!

MDVR 1080P 4 Camera System with 7” LCD- $1500 Installed!

MDVR 1080P 4 Camera System with 7” LCD

Choose up-to 8 HD Cameras! Can add up to 2TB HDD!

  • Premium 4-8 Camera MDVR System for Truckers & Fleets
  • Record 4-8 Viewpoints in 1080 HD using Heavy Duty Bracket Cams w/ Night Vision
  • 7” LCD that can display up to 8 cameras (View 1, 2, 4  or 8 Viewpoints) (can upgrade to 10" LCD)
  • Locked HDD Slot & SD Card Slot (driver cannot access memory, up to 128GB SD and 2 TB HDD Drive, memory not included) 
  • Includes GPS to Record Speed and Location
  • Record up to 1,200 hours before Loop Recording if you add optional 2TB HDD drive
  • Password protected system (driver cannot edit videos or stop system from recording)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FREE standard Shipping

Meet our newest and our best multi-cam system for small and medium trucking companies. Protect your fleet or yourself with this innovative product. Video quality and technical strength exceeds the best in the industry.


MDVR 1080P system includes 4 1080P Heavy Duty Cameras that will protect your truck/fleet from 4 viewpoints! Want 5, 6, 7 or 8 viewpoints? This system can expand to up to 8 cameras (just ask us to add additional cameras). All recordings are time and date stamped and will protect you from fraudulent claims, potentially saving your company thousands and thousands of dollars! With the built-in HDD slot where you can add up to a 2TB HDD drive (not included) and you can save up to 1,200 hours of recording before they system will loop record. Plus, this system offers Accelaration sensor, which will record the vehicle acceleration on all video files! You can also order your DVRs to include GPS, G-sensor, wifi and sim car slot of you can remote view your system. All in all, this system is the ultimate system for truckers, especially fleets.